Concerns unique to LGBTQ parents


This post highlights The Rolling Tide of LGBTQ Rights: Parenting with Uncertainty by Adventurous Moms.

Being a parent is anxiety-provoking no matter who you are. But there are certain concerns unique to being an LGBTQ parent. This blog post captures the fears I think many of us struggle with.

She writes:

What if gay marriage is overturned? What if the law changes before my adoption of the twins is finalized? What if the adoption of my kids is nullified? What if my relationship as the non-biological parent to my kids is questioned or revoked? What if LGBTQ parents can no longer foster kids, and our oldest daughter, Veronica, has to leave our home?

What if…? What if…? What if…?

It’s a great read. I recommend checking out the original post.

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