Parenting a bio child as an adopted parent



This post highlights RAISING BABY T-REX: MY MOM SAYS WE’RE EXACTLY THE SAME by Kaelyn on Autostraddle

First off, I really love Autostraddle. It’s smart and funny and I read it pretty much every day.

The author of this piece, KaeLyn, was adopted herself at the age of 17 months. Now she has a daughter who is approaching that age, and her description of what that means to her and the things she was surprised to learn and feel are poignant.

She writes:

My mom says we’re “exactly the same.” As she gets older, I definitely agree. Our pictures are almost identical to the untrained eye. But I wonder what I was like before my mom knew me. I wonder what words I said that no one in my American family could understand. I wonder how I interpreted getting on a plane in one world and popping out in another one, a new place where I couldn’t understand a single word and where no one could understand me. Surely, I was talking. Remi talks all day. Where did I think my biological parents went? How did I process moving to a home where nothing was familiar and where no one looked like me?

I highly recommend reading the entire original post.

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